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What type of IVA should you be looking at...

Trying to get to grips with how an IVA will affect you can be quite confusing to say the least, and it's very easy to become overloaded with information, some of which may be completely irrelevant to you and your IVA.

As you may already know, most IVAs conform to an agreed framework called the 'IVA Protocol' and are tailored to suit the individual circumstances of the applicant.

This means that even though individual IVAs will vary hugely, we can still provide a general description for the most common IVA profiles and explain in broad terms how they would work.

The IVA navigation tool is designed to help you tune in and focus on the most important aspects relating to your IVA scenario. Simply answer the questions below to be taken to a personalised description of how an IVA would be applied to your general circumstances.

1 Do you need an IVA for One person or Two?
2 Do you own your home?
3 Monthly Payments or Lump Sum Settlement?

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