The IVA Assessment

Your IVA assessment is our way of conducting an in depth financial consultation to establish whether an IVA is the most suitable option for you.

There's no charge for your IVA assessment, there's no obligation to act on our advice and your enquiry will be held in the strictest confidence.

Taking the opportunity to have a 'no obligation' IVA assessment makes sense if you are looking to enter into an IVA.

Why Have An Assessment

The team behind are IVA specialists and are extremely experienced in understanding your creditors demands.

Undergoing an assessment gives us the chance to explore your personal circumstances with this in mind, offering an opportunity to discuss any areas that may be of particular interest to your creditors.

Being able to address any issues before approaching creditors will not only save a great deal of time and expense, but it will also ensure your IVA proposal has the very best chance of success.

It also gives us a great chance to discuss the pros and cons of an IVAs and how they might impact on your life.

If you're still not sure whether undergoing an IVA assessment is a good idea, our IVA success rate is currently standing at 98% at Creditors' Meeting which, we believe, speaks for itself.

What's involved

Each IVA assessment is completely confidential and we guarantee:

  • You are not subjected to a credit search.
  • Your creditors are not informed of your financial problems.
  • Your creditors are not informed of your interest in an IVA.
  • The outcome of your IVA assessment remains private.
  • We protect your contact details in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Each assessment is unique but, typically, it'll take 30-45 minutes to complete.

Once the IVA assessment has been completed, your consultant will give you a full breakdown of their findings.

You'll been given a detailed explanation of our recommendations and you'll be give time to consider your options.

The importance of your IVA assessment can't be overstated as all successful IVAs should begin with an IVA professional assessing your circumstances, but don't believe all assessments will lead to an IVA.

If fact, we estimate that over 75% of people who approach for a free IVA assessment are advised not to enter into an IVA, as it is not in their best interests to do so.

IVA Application

If you'd like to have a chat about the prospects of entering into an IVA, or would like to arrange an IVA assessment, please call 0800 088 7502.

Alternatively, you could leave your details on the form below and we'll call you back at your preferred time.

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